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DLA awaiting date for tribunal since January

I feel sick with worry. I've been turned down for DLA 3 times in the past but this time I'm so bad and in constant pain, unable to do the most simplest of tasks like cook, stand while making tea and getting out of bed alone, DLA still feel I'm not entitled to anything.

I take many tablets daily just to get through the day. I use Fischer sticks or a trolley to help me walk. Never go out socially of an evening as the pain is heightened by then.

Any advice would be really appreciated please, I cannot go on waiting for the date and then I'm so scared about what they will ask me when the time comes.

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Hi Lucy depending on the area you live there are back logs due to alot off appeals. try not to focus to much on it even though its hard not to, try find away to occupy your time so your not focused totally on the pain. most important don't give up, be yourself and if you have to continue to appeal, ask your doc to refer you to occupational health if they haven't already to gave assessed for aid around the home to assist you getting about, Tell your doc if your struggling emotionally as he can refer you to a councillor, also many members on here suggest going to CAB, if you are house bond explain that to them and ask if they can do a home visit. once again don't give up and take care of yourself. smiles and hugs xx


Hi Lucy

I had applied for DLA last September, was refused after appeal and got a tribunal this June. I would advise you to get legal help if you can. At my tribunal for the opposition (the DLA) were a specialist, a barrister and a care specialist. I have been sick for nearly 6 years, and at time of applying was bed bound with carers coming to wash and change me 3 times a day. My GP wrote i didnt need any DLA and the ATOS guy wrote a fictional report. I came out with 0 mobility and low level care. I strongly advise taking someone to represent you legally, or at least someone with a good track record of tribunal wins. THEY ARE NO WAY IMPARTIAL so be carefull. They took 2 and half hours to shred me, and I was sick at the tribunal. My carer wheeled me out in a borrowed chair with my walking trolley towed behind me. Still 0 mobility! Do get help. I am now attempting to overturn tribunal on legal grounds which is hard but I have no income and get no benefit so I need they care and mobility money to live on. I am spending my savings on a barrister. When I get the court notes I will be asking the disability law service for free advice first. I believe these are their numbers: 0207 919800 or 02077919800 I got them from their web site.

Keep fighting and good luck

NN :)


Hi and thank you both for your replies.

I doubt by the sounds of your messages I'll get any help but fingers crossed even though it hurts! Gentle hugs to both of you.


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