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hospital date

well trying to get the house sorted before i go into hospital done a big shop and now sorting the house. having my bedroom done by my loveley children to help cheer me up so when i come out its all nice clean and comfortable. hope evryone is ok and not feeling to much pain. had a ruff week this week really tired and in a lot of pain with fibro and other probs, at least one will be sorted soon, lets hope it may ronald53

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Hi there. I had a hysterectomy in my early 40's and it was the best thing ever. You will be fine and if you need to chat you can inbox me anytime. Don't worry too much. I woke up and was catheterised and on a morphin drip so I had very little pain. The catheter was great as I couldn't get up for a few days. I was uncomfortable but not in real pain. You much rest and eat well afterwards as you will need to gain back your strength. It sounds like you have a lovely family who will take good care of you.

Hugs to all xxxx


Hope it all goes well for you Ronald. Your family sound wonderful! Wishing you all the best for when you're in hospital.

We're always here for you, take care and don't overdo it when you come out, you will need to rest and do very little to build yourself up a bit. :)


Hope all goes well for you .. Enjoy the pampering from your family it shows how much they love and care for you xx


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