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You guys really keep me going :)

Just wanna say thanks. This past few weeks have been really hard going. But I get the email digest every morning and it's the first thing I read before I get up. I don't often post or comment but I take it all in and sometimes it's good advice, something I can relate to or something I can answer, or something that makes me smile or laugh, and sometimes it makes me remember that I'm not the only one going through all this. It can b hard when you're havin a bad day or week and nobody understands completely. I would d never wish what I have on anyone ur sometimes I selfishly think 'if only you had it for just 1 day you'd understand' but that awful I know.

I am up and down with my GP as to whether I like her or not depending on how sympathetic and understanding she is. I'm still waiting to see pain managEment an have been on a lot of meds.

Last night I made the decision that despite the pain I want my life back as much as possible and I'm going to slowly wean off the drugs if I can. I have already been weaned off Cymbalta because I had awful side effects one being I was unable to wee! So painful! I'm not going to have the next 60 years of my life run by drugs. 6 years I've been on painkillers. 6 months since diagnosed with fibro, cfs and osteoarthritis. It's not going to go away but I WILL be in control. I'm going to try to push on through and hopefully cope. I have lost my job, friends and life because of this. I want it back!!

I doubt il ever have the energy to return to childcare but I'm starting

MY own business that I can be in control of and hopefully succeed and earn a little on top.

So thanks everyone for bein my friend even though we never met and don't chat much. This place is the most support I've had from anyone other than my hubby who is my angel. He saved me from a life of abuse when we met and he has saved me again so many times over the past 10 years with all the pain I've had. He like you, is my strength to keep going. So thank you and never ever give up on your dreams. You are you and nobody can change or replace that.

Gentle hugs to everyone. Jen xxx

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Stupid iPhone did a sad face instead of a smile!! Lol :) :) :)


I changed the 'sad face' to a 'happy face' for you :)


wot a lovely and kind blog to read today this site has offered me loads of support and ive become friends of here by email with quite a few a hope one day will meet.

they have gave me the strength to carry on and not give up so i agree with you.and wanna wish you all happiness and good luck in the future and now.x


Awwww Jen that is so lovely, I agree it is great just to read that we are not alone and pick up tips and help along with way. I am lucky enough to have a supportive hubby too and the rest of my family understand. I run my own dog walking business and it is great being your own boss (no one to answer to on a bad day ;-) ) I class you all as my fibro family xxxxx

Just be a little careful coming of your drugs. Please don't go cold turkey as you could do more damage than good. Talk to your doctor first as many of the drugs we take, we have to be weaned off as the side affects can be quite nasty.

Hugs to all xxxx


hi JKP280505 thanks for your lovely blog. When you start cutting your medicines out so take care the osteoarthritis is hard to cope with let alone the fibro. Hope all goes well for you gentle hugs x gins


What a lovely post Jen, bless you! :)

I too have a wonderful hubby who is so supportive and understanding. It's not that easy for some, especially those who live on their own and have to manage.

Take care when cutting your meds down, have you mentioned this to your Doctor, she may be able to help you with this and advise you how to tackle it. Be careful if you are doing it on your own as you could feel really poorly with the withdrawal side effects.

Wishing you all the best, we are always here for you ready to support you where we can. Keep thinking positively, that will help you through it all. :)


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