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When my eldest was 5 her dad was with a girl whom he married in the end whose parents owned the local riding stables so my ddaughter waslucky enough to have her own horse from 3 years old to 13 years old and was well into the horsey lifestyle . I WASNT lol i used to go and support everywhere she went travelled miles to watch her compete etc etc

Anyway one day the wife came round and said there was going to be a big article about something or other in the BHS magazine so i turned to her and said in all seriouseness really i cant believe it is going to be in the BRITISH HOME STORES MAG !!!!!

mmmmm NO was her reply it is going to be in the BRITISH HORSE SOCIETY MAG !!!

ever felt like the ground opening up and swallowing you ????

well i am not was not will not ever be a horsey person so that is my excuse and i am sticking to it

although why BHS would want an article on my daughter being good at gymkhanas at such a ypoung age never crossed my mind at the time lol

so i too as you can see get confused with some articles love to you all diddle xx

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Yes i too say many things wrong.

I love singing! (cannot sing ) but i know words to all songs i sing and this is where i 1st noticed all coming out wrong!

As on what you say. You say it before can do anything about it.

I just really hope i do not get caught out at a shop counter!

I always get my family laughing as sometimes i have no idea i have said something ,

They may turn and say ohhh never mind mummy , but i want to know what i said.

It can be food products anything!!

Ohh Diddle it does make plenty conversation for fibro lol



years ago a well known chemical company was rebranding. they printed letterheads, leaflets, publicity notices stating the new name until someone pointed out an initial problem...

Chemicals Resins And Polymers !!



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