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Sometimes I look at the anacronyms that people have used and I think what the heck-- the old mind goes totally blank.

Some are so easy like CAB Citizens advice Bureau but with a Fog blasted brain I fear even this can be hard to comprehend.

Why do most of them apply to local government issues / offices why can't people say what they mean instead.

Gone blank so no examples unless you can put some down for me?

Have a good day x gins

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hi gins, don't worry i know just what you mean,lol... when people tex in code i spend more time trying to decipher what it is meant to say, my english grammar used to be excellent,but since having fibro i am always getting stuff wring, lol... never mind ,tomorrow is always fresh to start again tc soma x


hi again see what i mean my above message WRING, SHOULD HAVE SAID WRONG lol... no hope for me ..xx


lol yeah i go blank too at times with those lol xx love diddle xx


Your right gins inflact

You may call it something different !

If i do not mind saying so i had to look at your blog as i could not get that word round my mouth nor did i have a clue what you meant!!!

Now i feel so dence :-)



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