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Disabled Parking at the workplace

Hi all. I am returning back to work this week after first of a few operations, I require crutches to walk with and am registered physically disabled, anyhow, I was wondering if anyone knew of BS8300, or Equality Act October 2010 regulations on blue badge parking or parking places at/in the workplace?

I have been on Tower Hamlets web page and cannot find ANY blue badge parking in or near my workplace My workplace does have its own private car parking area but I have not seen ANY disabled parking places, i would require one as a reasonable adjustment in my retrun to work interview but can't find the regulations.

Please anyone, any help.

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Hi Tibby

You can get better information by typing into Google. Type exactly as your title here. Years back I was given a disabled space at my workplace under reasonable adjustments. My employers had to delegate a space and adapt it slightly to comply. Good luck xx


Our company have disabled bays and if there are any employees that are in the same position as you they supple temporary disabled work parking permits. Good luck


It is worth asking your company about establishing a Disabled parking bay for you in the company car park.

Cheers, Midori


I have and they wont. But thanks x


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