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I have had all my family away this week . well my sister and brother in law ans my parents too but they will all be back today and sat so i am pleased i have really missed them all and especially as i gotthat postcard from housing through my door saying they want to speak tome about under habitation i am in 3 bed house and there is just myself and daughter here anyway my dad would have sorted it out for me as my parents are really good to me like that they have done loads for me in the last year including paying for my whole house to be re decorated and re carpeted and spent thousands of pounds n my home

anyway i hope they all return safe and well and i can chat to them all soon

i just cant imagine not having a family or anyone i can talk too

love to you all diddle xx

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Family are so important aren't they? I am like you, I have a very supportive family who believe me and do everything they can to help me. Also I have a great Doctor. I think it helps the way we feel too. Knowing that you don't have to constantly fight your corner takes the stress away to a certain extent.

Hugs to all xxx


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