Breakfast like a Hobbit

Just had first breakfast!

After sleeping for 19 or 20 hours a day for the last few days I've not been able to doze off overnight. So at 6 o'clock I gave up and made myself breakfast - I usually doze off after breakfast lol.

My carer will be here at about 10.30 with 2nd breakfast.

I'm getting Hobbit breakfasting down to a tee, hope my feet don't go all hairy ;-)

Julie xx

2 Replies

  • lol youare so funny bless you i dont get 20 hours a week sleep ha ha love to you and enjoy your 2nd brekkie love diddle xx

  • Second breakfast is an hour late - have the Hobbits got their revenge and cancelled my call?

    Note for self - if you have breakfast at 6am you are fully entitled to elevenses!

    My tummy is rumbling and various unassociated places are throbbing - but the birds outside my window are singing beautifully.

    Julie xx

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