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I decided that after 2 days of doing waty too much i wasgoing to sit in all day apart from walking the dog up the road a couple of times to help me grelax and getridmof all my aches nd pains has it worked no in fact i have been sitting on bed since 10 am and got up for lo half hour ago well you should have seen me i was completely stiffened up and felt about 90 lol

oh well will take the doggy out in a bit and hopefully will go out in the garde as the sun gets out there about midday

love to you all and how can i feel worse doing nothing than running around lol love diddle xx

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What's wrong with sitting on your bed? I find my bed, with loads of pillows behind me, by far and away the most comfortable place and having my legs up stops me getting bloated ankles too!

Chill out today Diddle and give your body a chance to recover from you racing around xx


hi nothing is wrong with sitting on my bed it is just that i have seized up so now moving togarden i got a lovely big puffyrelaxe chair so will go and sit i the sun with my kindle love to you diddle xx


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