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Things are improving

I know that recently there have been a number of problems on this site, some technical, others not!! But now I see more people joining, more posts, more variety in both blogs and questions. Which is good. So maybe the worst is over. I find this site helpful. Sometimes sad to hear people's stories. Sometimes uplifting. Sometimes just adds to my knowledge. I'm glad we've all got this space to share whatever we want to share, be it questions, letting off steam, giving and getting support..... We're all different (thank God), we all need different things at different times. I'm glad I found this place, and all of you. Long may it grow, and prosper, and evolve. If that means 'teething troubles' along the way, so be it! The site, and everyone on it, are a fantastic community. Thank you all, and ke up the good work!! xx

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hi, i recently joined site and wish i had done it long time ago, feel like i belong somewere now,lol... and i agree with your comments above tc soma x


Wel said KazF xx


We're all in the same boat here Kaz so we all understand our good days and not so good days. One of the best things about our forum is that we can all compare notes and share our experiences of having Fibro and other conditions. I know when I first joined, it helped me so much, we realise we are not alone.

Thankfully the technical difficulties in the forum are much better today thanks to HU, everything seems to be running well, blogs are loading well too, so that's great.

Thank you for your kind words about our lovely forum, much appreciated! :)


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