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well i have had agood day today have not slept that much which is a miracle for me, and i have done some cleaning. Hubby gone to footie so am going to sit upstairs and do long ovedue ironing. but oh my god going to pay for it tomorrow lol, but thats another day.

going to see new gp on friday hope to start on pregabalin see if that helps, never know do you might help me feeling positive. xxxxx

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Pace webby hun,you have done a lot, wouldn`t it be better to do ironing bit by bit tomorrow?.

Pot,kettle and black come to mind when I say that to you as I used to do everything in one day and wonder why I couln`t move for days,but not anymore :-)

Take care of yourself hun

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxx


glad you had a good day i hope tomorrow is just as good

gentle dyslexic hugs


ladies thankyou but this is how i survive at the mo when i am in the mood i go for it and know i will suffer but at least i can suffer knowing that i am up to date. anyway babysitting tomorrow now that deos make me suffer lol i do ove it. think i ma on a high today lol


Don't overdo it Webby, just do a little bit and then rest and then do a bit more then rest. Pacing is the answer to our condition with lots of rest periods in between. This way we can build up a bit of stamina. Of course only tackle things this way during good days, not during a flare-up because you won't be able to manage then.

Take it easy with your babysitting too! :) Make sure you get lots of rest after! :)


Hi Webby, like you when I have a good day & thats is getting to be less & less often I overdo things...I can't help it even when my body is screaming out in pain I just have to go on until I literally can't do any more! I don't know why but on these days I just can't stop & oh it makes me feel so good to have a clean house the ironing done or some other major things that need doing....I do have my partner son grandson & daughter-in-law telling me to stop & they will do it but I have my way of doing things, I know I am being absolutely stupid but I really can't help it,lol.

Enjoy your babysitting later today I will be getting bits & bobs of sleep as usual! lol

Take care. Gwen. xx


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