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Ok so the plan was garden or bed an kindle all day !!!!!!!!!!!!!! did that happen ????????????? BIG FAT NO!!!!!!!! my daughter text me at 8.30 am to say Argos had delivered her bunk beds and she was going to try to start to put them together alone with my 2 x grandsons running riot and her 4 months pregnant ! her sister was going over after work but it would be gone 6pm when she got there and put the beds together prob 8,30 so i said i would go over just to help her i got there at 10 am and we got the bunk beds togetrher my daughter is good at the instuctions i arent but some of the slats would not go in so i ended climbing up on the top bunk and putting all m yweight lolall 7 stone of it and clicking them in and also hanging on them but we done it with 2 little monkeys running off with the tools and the nuts and bolts and wanting this and that so i left ther at 2,30 and had to drive 30 mins home and am now sitting down so i am aching all over and i know it is going to get worse but it was worth it to see their little faces when it was done and my daughter was pleased too so all done now and i am def not doing anything on wed a day in for diddle me think love to you all and i hope you have had a quieter more restful day than me love diddle xxx

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Typical diddle,when will you learn to take a back seat and PACE!!!!!!.Never coz it`s just not your nature LOL.

No wonder you can eat carrot cake and other fattening thigs and remain so tiny,just not fair.

Mind you my pacing lately has been dead stop :-)

You talk a lot about your kindle and being a technophobe I don`t know alot about them except that for us the are easir to handle than some books.

But what I would like to know is how do you get the books you want to read on them and are they very exspensive???.

I do hope you are not going to be in too much pain for your kindness again today.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxxxx

P.S My books all come from charity shops :-( xx


hi lol yeah i know i will neverlearn and yeah that is why i am tiny always on the go ha ha well try to be i do stop now alot morethan i used to but anyway all the pain is self infliced.

as for the kindle i was very nervous about having one i am useless at gadgets but my daughter set it all up but the shop would do it , anyway i go to amazon and put in kindle books and they come up most of the ones i get are free you just set up an account again my daughter done it and it sends any boook you want to your kindle in about 10 secs it is marvellous they range from ffree to well 6or 7 pounds i did by the shades of grey triology whikch cost me about 7 pound but yeah it is easierm to do than to explain ir took me about a month to get my hesd round using it but it dont take long but i would not be without mine i thought i would hte it but no fantastic and i have still got about 40 books to read paperback ones which i will get through eventually

i have got the £89 kindle but they have brought out a touch one now for £109 you cant kep up as soon as you buy something they upgrade it lol anyway good luck with it love diddle xxx


Thanks for that diddle,I`m really thinking of getting one.

Well I see you are going to take it easy today.....Good girl.I have my half Sister and Nephew arriving any minute now.And I`m going to take them to the Sea life centre as I`ve never been.

Just hope there are no sharks as I have a reall phobia about them,I shall be checking for cracks in the glass.Tomorrow it`s shopping and Yorkie to the beauty parlour,got a feeling Friday is going to be in bed

Make sure you do rest hun have a lovely day.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxxxx


hi yeah i am on bed as i type but have seized up lol so i am now going to go out on my relaxer chair in the garden with kindle for few hours my friend jus text and asked me round for coffee this afternoon at 3 so will wander up there she lives a 5 min walk from me so that will be nice to catch up on all the gossip

i hope you enjoy the sealife centre it is meant to be really good love to you diddle xxxx


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