am up !!!!

true to my promise yesterday not to lay in bed all day again. I have taken my husband to work, have tidied my kitchen ( thanks to my perching chair) and am now forcing myself to stay awake lol. but already accomplished something so going to pat me on the back lol

mind you i got to say that i n eed to go to docs today as i do not think i will be going back to work next week as the pain is so bad. but thats another story. Hope you all ahve a good start to the day xxxxxx

4 Replies

  • Well done Webby have a good day! x gins

  • well done i try and do something little every day .so huge congrats and keep smiling.x

  • good morning xx hope you have a good day as you planned .. and do look after your self xx

    many gentle dyslexic hugs

  • guess what am still proud that i got up and did something i did fall a sleep in the chair lol untill 12.30 but hey its a start lol thanks for all ya support

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