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well i am now off to take my doggy up the road for his frst walk it is really lovely this time ofthe dayas it isnot too hot for him and also you see no one else and it is so quiet your whole surroundings take on such a different look and it feels such a different place you should try it where you live if you are up just go and take a walk at early hours when it is light

love to you all and enjoy your day love diddle xxxx

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Hope you enjoyed your walk just taken mine for a walk

Just started to spit with rain but that's ok, it's very humid

Sat on the front by the sea which was nice I live in

Freshwater on the isle of wight so I think I am lucky

Not to many holiday makers mainly walkers.

Love viv


You lucky things.Wish I had a dog to take for a walk but cannot get out of bed as iI,m far too tired and full of pain. Still as my bedroom overlooks allotments, I count myself lucky in that I can watch the people coming and going from early in the morning. Some are on their allotments at 5.30.a.m. Also love to watch the foxes on there as well. Feel as though I'm living in the countryside instead of the suburbs of Liverpool. Love it.

Things you would never think of or have the opportunity to watch if you weren't stuck in bed this this horrible disease - so it does have something going for it. makes one appreciate the little things in life and doesn't cost you any money.


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