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Hi and hope that you are all well on this beautiful morning well it is here anyway it is a bit grey and dull at the min but is only just gone 5.30 am so maybe the blue sky and sun will come later today

i am having a day in the garden with my kindle if the sun shines or on my bed if it doesnt but a relaxing day what ever it may do

i had a busy day yesterday i helped mty daughter sort out her garage as man with avan coming this morning to collect all the rubbish and then she got bunk beds coming from argos this morning and my youngest daughter is goiung over after work to help put them up so i may ahve to go over tohelp too but i will just be passing and holding as i am useless at putting things together

oh well i do hope you are all well love to you all diddle xxx

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hello diddle hope you have a nice day take care try not to over do it love beth xx


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