why does fibro fog come under the DVLA when the Disabilty section will not easily accept it. I agree I do not drive 98% of the tim so surley

then it seems weird that I cannot get any help with benefits but the Government via DVLA acknowledges Firbro fog and other related and associated problems as dangerous to others and yourself. bit fed up today doesn't show much eh!!!

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  • Is Fibro fog listed by DVLA? I didn't know that!


  • i personally think that although they are both 'government' they are operated as sep entities and one doesnt affect the other. Now i DIDNT say the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing did i!!

    DVLA is related to driving. the law states that the onus is up to the driver (licence holder) to keep their documents up to date, this includews health issues. i have notified both DVLA and my insurance company that i have fibro. as i have no restrictions imposed - there is no financial penalty for me.

    the benefits agency is totally different. But Billydt - i know where youre coming from!!



  • When I checked on the DVLA SECTION on "Health issues that affect your driving" -- all the conditions that might impair your driving are listed in A-Z format and nowhere can I see FM/IBS/ ME/CFS mentioned and so I thought this meant that it was not necessary to inform them if my condition was not included in their list. Am I wrong to assume this?

  • Please ask the forum in total as I was only going on someones comment to me but from the replies I have received it would seem that other fellow fibro sufferers have informed the DVLA & their Insurance Companies.I do not know if you can access all the replies that have been sent to me but if not I can forward some of them of

    if not.

  • your license can be revoked due to your medication for FM/ME etc

  • I drive, have my own adapted vehicle,

    but hadnt a clue regards telling the dvla or the insurers nor has my GP told me i shouldnt drive. I am careful as to what and when I drive tho and had a clean licence for ummm 35yrs. I am sure there are far worse drivers around than folks with fibro

  • Oh well, silver linings! My GP doesn't believe in FM therefore I'm undiagnosed so DVLA don't have anything to worry about do they?

  • Neither does mine, it makes life so much more difficult! Even my rhumy thinks it's not that painful !

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