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Last updated: February 14, 2013

FibroAction is a UK registered charity set up to educate people about Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Fibro) and to provide support to people affected by Fibro. Our main website is

The community is moderated by volunteers from the FibroAction team and members who have been asked to be Volunteers and Admins (all are voluntary). The platform is provided by the HealthUnlocked (HU) communities team, but they do not run the community.

Views expressed are those of individuals and not of FibroAction

All members of the FibroAction.HealthUnlocked Community MUST read and abide by both the specific FibroAction.HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines in this post, and the general site Guidelines (see link below) that apply across the whole HU platform, when posting any content on this community, whether public or private.

Read the general site Guidelines here:


Guidelines of FibroAction.HU

1. Members posting on the site should not be assumed to be health professionals

2. In posting about health or medical information outside of your immediate personal experience, show a clear distinction between personal experience or opinion and evidence-based information and be careful to not present information outside of your immediate personal experience as fact unless you can back it up with reputable evidence based information sources.

3. FibroAction cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites.

4. You may post the non-personal contact details or clinic details of doctors, specialists or other health professionals to encourage members to find helpful medical support. All members should understand that such comments are personal and subjective and are not an endorsement by FibroAction. When posting contact details, please ensure that you have the right to do so and that it is appropriate to do so.

5. Be mindful not to post offensive material. Religion and Politics should not be discussed here as it is hard to not offend someone in discussing these.

We make an exception for Fibro or disability specific subjects, such as disability welfare reform. However other aspects of politics should not be discussed: this includes immigration, party politics, political funding, general (i.e. not disability specific) welfare reform, etc.

In all threads, regardless of whether they are on political subjects or not, care should be taken to avoid offense. Racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are never allowed.

6. Criticism of spelling, punctuation and/or wording of messages will not be tolerated. We have members from around the world, many of whom are affected by Fibro. If you don’t understand a message, just ask the sender to clarify it.

7. Spamming of other members through private messaging will not be tolerated and may lead to you being removed from the community.

8. Do not solicit members to other websites or forums for your own purposes, either through posts or private messages.

9. Do not post questions, blog posts or private messages soliciting money for individuals, other organisations or other causes. If you are involved in fundraising for FibroAction through a secure online system (like Virgin Money Giving or JustGiving), then you can post a blog post concerning this. However, repetitive postings or spamming of other members through private messaging will not be tolerated.

10. Promotion of commercial products & services is not allowed. You may refer to a product or commercial service by name as a useful resource but you must NOT post a link. You can invite people to use the message system to obtain the information from you if needed. Repeated posts about the same product may be considered promotion and could lead to posts being deleted or your account being restricted. Posting about helpful, supportive or informative resources that are freely available IS allowed and links can be given.

11. Do not post details of online pharmacies offering medication without prescriptions

12. Do not offer your unwanted medication for sale

13. Do not breach copyright rules by placing documents into unless you have permission from the author of the document. You can, however, post excerpts and links to the full text of the document.

14. Moderators reserve the right to restrict a member's account or have a member removed from the community without notice

The FibroAction Complaints Policy sets out how complaints are handled. This policy can be accessed on this page:

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  • Copied & pasted by Admin

    LibertyZ Admin 25 Jul 2012


    Hello everyone, please take a minute to complete your Profiles. It helps everyone get to know each other better when we know a bit about your background, how long you've had Fibromyalgia, when you were diagnosed. Also if you have any other health conditions.

    Finally it's a help to know a bit about you personally and your life, perhaps what you used to do before Fibro, are you able to work? This really would be great - if you need any pointers please feel free to look at mine. It doesn't have to be that long of course.

    Please bear in mind that should you in the future apply for the role of Volunteer we would expect a completed Profile as a matter of course before consideration.

    Many thanks!


  • I don't really undertand this Forum's workings, I'm used to phpbb forums, How do I find my profile so I can fill it in? I'm something of a technophobe.

  • Hi Midori

    There should be a drop-down menu in the top right of the screen, to the right of your user name. Hover over that and select 'Profile'. You can then edit and save your 'About Me' information.

    Thanks :)

  • hi on the right side top of the page is your name at the righ of your name is a small arrow .click on the arrow and that will bring up your details .click on profile hope this helps ,xx

  • Hi I tried to update my profile when I first joined and I commented on a post by someone else who had some difficulty but I cant seem to find that thread for the answer.. Im sure its just me and I have managed to update to female.. but when I clicked on the links it wouldnt let me save.. I think it now shows female.. but anything else wont save.. does anyone else have this issue or advise on how to? Thank you x

  • It just comes up with OOPs and then says something like updates not updated or something like that... after I click save... and this issue has been since I joined.. a glitch maybe?

  • Hi lacey

    Could you hit the Feedback button on the right? That will go to the technical team. Thanks

  • Done mine now - sorry thought I had filled this in when I first joined, but possibly I got distracted

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