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Looks promising----------------------

What a relief I can see the sun shining could be a better day today. :) I shall get up and sit in the garden with a coffee and sunday papers sounds good. Been told off for doing too much - I think I only lifted a cup - could be wrong might have been two. :) So I intend to be a lazy bitch and float around in a summer dress pausing to gaze at the flowers and the butterflies. Sounds delightful I just trust Henry will pop the champagne and the day will be completely delightful.

(Who is Henry? Tall Slim Nubile servant of the imagination)

Reality check do the washing weeding (I wish) no the first half sounded good!

Have a good day everyone x gins

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I like the sound of the first part too Gins, far from the reality of life though!!. Just wish we had a bit of sun here in Wales, although its dry its very overcast and a little humid. Not even drying my washing bah. Hope you have a good day too. x


Mmmmmm - I like the sound of Henry! No wonder you can't sleep at night ( ;0) saucy wink) xxx


I love it, you really made me laugh, I like the sound of Henry!



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