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So how do you learn to limbo dance?

Practice getting into public toilets for free! Boom Boom My Dad always loved silly jokes the

sillier the better!

What do frog's borrow to do DIY?

Toads Tools ! hehe I like that one.

What do you call your'e Dog?

"Handyman" he does odd jobs around the house.

Just a couple to move us along!

Whats big and yellow and eats rocks? a big yellow rock eater !

A butcher is 7ft tall and wears size fourteen shoes what does he weigh ?

Sausages ! ****************************************************************************

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lol lol gins

i was 1st thinking hmmm i doubt we be doing the limbo anymore pmsl..

but now i see hahahahaha you have to read behind the scenes before thinking what else you could be saying hahaahahahaahah..

i will post some more too on other one xxxxxxx


A joke for Gins:

A man says to his wife "Shall we try a change of position tonight?"

"Alright dear"

she says

" You do the ironing, and I'll lie on the sofa and phart!"


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