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EASY DAY TODAY(PHEW)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a hectic day yesterday i am not doing much today at all i have got to walk my doggy and also go to Asda and re stock the sweet and crisps and juice cuboards due to grandsons lol then that is it really i will sitting in the shade i think today as got alot of sun yesterday and then just reading my kindle ahhh blisssss

i hope you are all ahvving thebeautiful weather we are love diddle xxx

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ohh lol diddle me too having lazy day i feel like rusty tin man hahha.. that is another thing aswell sweets!!! i never ever had a sweet tooth always savoury and even getting less on salt now.

I went visiting yesterday a gran (dads side) who txt me wanting some help she has never asked before ever!! but how could i refuse bless, only thing is she does not realise the state i am also in ..sometimes i think it is difficult.

she gave me a huuuge hug!! ohhh blimey even my hubby saw the cringes in my face and today am really really suffering so lots of deep heat, pain relief and lyrica and blimey do i know if i miss any!

HOpe you get the sweeties you like !

we having a salad today as i got up and thought ohhhh hot hot hot!!! then it got cloudy cloudy cloudy butmuggy and now its rainy!! :-( soooo sooo sad.. so put umbrella up on parasol and hope it blows over.

My 11yr old daughter has gone to some huge beach party (we live NO WHERE near a beach) hahaha but Roundhay park have a big even going on which is just a short walk away for us so we are lucky!!! it is where all the gigs are held etc like when Madonna came and you have big things going on..

We have another one going on local too leeds festival but me being a business lady and on road all time i can use all short cuts that are not aloud to the festival ppl hehehehehe xxx

what are you having for your dinner today?????

it would be lovely if we were local to each other we could have little get togethers xx


sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday Diddle and I'm so glad you could enjoy the time with your grandchildren. It sounds like you are having much better weather than we are here in Wales, please could you send a little sunshine over for us?? Take care, Angela x


I too sat in my new easy swing chair in the garden. Reading. Thought I would have a day off. But do you know I feel so stiff and in pain today. Just wonder where I went wrong???XX


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