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Ok so yesterday my grandsons and daughter came over and it was ooooo hot hot hot we were in the garden from 10.30am to 4.30 pm it was lovely we had the paddling pool out lots of toys we had a greatday we had chips and hot dogs in the garden and we really had a wonderfultime and we would have stayed oyt for a bit longer but all of a sudden we got lots of flying ants come from now here it was horrible so we packed everything away and came iside we bathed the boys and then they all went to a wedding receptioin so i cleared away and collapsed in abath and sat down at 8.45 pm worn out with the fibro/the sun/ and the grandsons lol well worth it though .

hope you all ahd a lovely day love diddle xxxx

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Im so so pleased that everything went well.sounds so much fun yet tiring.wots weather like today down there? Its dry here but thats it.x


I had a very busy day too my daughters wedding was fantastic but I am clearly suffering today glad you had a good day x


hi, sounds like you had a great day yesterday! i spent most of it in my bed :O( eventually got up but stayed in my pjs for a few hours then bythe time i got dressed i only put on loose clothes as i couldnt stand anything digging into my skin (bra strap on my shoulders in particular as it was causing numbness and tingling) was really tired and sore especailly over my chest arms shoulders neck head and face.....even sharp noises hurt my head once they had eaased the pain decided to travel down to my hips legs n feet!!! so yesterday was not a good day to say the least. today im having a better day and was able to go and visit my mum whos had cysts removed from her throat then went to visit my nan. so home now just had tea could quite easily go to bed now!!! work tomorrow joys not! sorry for moaning but at least i cn moan on here and be understood! my mum understands as she has fm too but shes going through enough so dont want to moan at her as i just want her to get better soon!! :D :D pregabalin seems to be making me extreamly tired (just staarted this on thursday)

so glad you had a great day with your grandsons take care xx


hi and so glad your mum is ok x yes you moan away if you are in pain bless you like me done too much lol

oh well had a more relaxing day in the garden today just me and the doggie and my kindle

oh well take care love to you diddle x


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