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Did anybody know that people are being restricted, and only able to read posts etc, on this site.

I think it is a shame, as a forum should be about airing our views.

do Admin make these decisions jointly?

I suppose I will be next, which will be a pity as I enjoy the site and the majority of people are lovely as far as I can see.

I can understand if the person was a troll, but as far as I can tell, they just had a disagreement with a decision, and were certainly not alone in that.

Best wishes to all, .Cazx

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It is getting a bit daft isn`t it cazbaz.Reckon if I said half of what I feel at the moment I wouldn`t be restricted I would be chucked off!!!!!!.

What bothers me is the Troll was given a restricted account. ;-(

Hope your feeling as well as possible and you enjoy the day.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxx


I can hardly believe it! the Troll who has caused so much trouble, has been given a restricted account ( the same punishment meted out to people who are just standing up for their friends) So the troll is sitting there, probably right now enjoying all this.


Have a great day, and thanks for replying, Cazx


We made a joint decision to temporarily restrict a user as they were posting content that was upsetting another user & was against the community guidelines and they refused to stop doing so. Personal attacks on any identifiable individual, including any member, are against the guidelines and are not acceptable.


I am glad that these things are a joint decision, but It seems to me, that in this instance, it was more about disagreeing with the decision that was made at the time, and if you are going to take actions that may be unpopular, then you (health Unlocked not any one person of course) Must accept some comments, even if you( health Unlocked) Don't agree.

Thank you for taking the time to reply Simon, I hope you enjoy your day.

Best wishes, Caz


I also do not see why the people who have been blocked should have had this happen to them. I read all the blogs and from what I can see they said or did nothing that was wrong except to maybe speak a little to bluntly about the truth. I think Butterfly discribed it perfectly in another blog when she called it freedom of speach. Maybe the Admin team should have a rethink about their decision as there appear to be so many people on hear that disagree with them? I hope I do not find myself one of those people who are suspended due to these comments to!!.

I sincerely hope this all gets sorted out and very soon as it is causing so much distress to so many people when all we need is to be supportive and caring towards each other and have a little consideration and understanding when we see something we may take a dislike to.

Take care everyone, Angela x


I completely agree with you Angela, I thought long and hard about posting this, as I do not want to be in the same position, but I felt that I had to take the risk.

I hope that we will not be restricted just for voicing our concern, as all we want is for the site to be fair and supportive.

best wishes Cazx


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