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I am having my 2 daughters here today well the youngest lives here lol but he other is coming with my 2 grandsons for the day as her mate get married at 1 so she is popping along to the church on her own then coming straight back here to chill out all afternoon she does not want to go to meal as her partner got to work so would be alone and so we are having a day by the pool (albeit the paddling pool) and then the boys and her will get ready anfd go to the evenbing reception and i will collapse in a heap so i wont be on here today or if i do it will be later

i di hope you have got the beautiful weather we have at the min and are enjoying it

oh well now going to walk my doggy and get my arm bands blown up lol

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Enjoy yr day diddle, so glad yr back, im also going to go and walk my pooch now :-) gentle hugs. Hilly xx


Thankyou i am glad to be back lol you get your doggy walked t is going to be sooooo hot hot hot today we will all be in the garden all day blisss what summer is about garden sun kids paddling pool cool drinks lovely love to you diddle xx


Have a wicked day diddle.its raining here.were going to a cat sancutary.see a cat called zulu we want.xx


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