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Hi to all my fibro family it has come to my attention that i have caused a rifty on the site for which i am truely sorry and i had no idea it was going on as i came on yesterday at 5 am and did not get chance to come back until 5 am today it is apparently to do with my blog beoing removed saying i was taking time out

well the truth is i was asked if i would like it to be removed by admins so that i could move on and also as it was CLOGGING up the system as there were so many replies !!! well me being me i did not like the thought of causing some poor person work so agreed for it to be removed as i had read all the blogs but it is a shame as they were so posotive and uplifting for me and i think for alot of other members so apparently you are all wanting the thread put back which is fine by me it was lovely to see all those replies and nice for new mwembers to see them too

so if the powers that be agree maybe they will put it back as i am ok now i am back bigger stronger and better and wont let a troll get to me again i am surprised i did let it get to me it must have been a bad day

anyway SORRY if i have caused unrest betwwen members and admin i really would not want that to happen many thanks diddle xxxx

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hi Diddle xx

trying not to text /talk out of turn

not sure what went on baby sitting is exausting

but you sound ok with it and we are all volenteers and even admin are human .. and just doing there our best

gentle dyslexic hugs


Great to see you here. xxx


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