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Flare up

I have been saying for weeks that there is something wrong with my right arm oh doctors saying it's fm. I kept saying no they have finally sent me to physio and yes I may of torn a cover over my shoulder don't know what its called but shoulder is out of line. I went today for more physio but all they could do is strap it up because I am starting to flare up again. Back to work sunday gonna have to say no lifting or I will have to take time off they are not going to like that.

Had my first session with the pain persistent pain team. There were quite a few of us there talking about how we feel the difference between acute pain and chronic pain we were there about two and half hours, trying relaxation techniques. I have put myself forward for one to one therapy can give it a go.

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Typical response from the medics, blame it on the fibro!!. Hope you are feeling a little more comfortable with the strapping. Take care, Angela xx


Good luck with work Sunday. And with one to one therapy. Hope your shoulder heals quickly. Gentle hugs xx


Hi there, I really feel for you - its maddening how even consultants shove you back into the fm box and try to keep you there ! Four years ago I was referred to an orthopeadic surgeon who looked at my shoulder and said, no real problem but perhaps another piece in the complexity of my fm. Fast forward 3 years and now back for a visit to the same specialist who upon looking at my x-rays was SO SO apologetic, because the speed at which the arthritis in my shoulder had gone wild and I was nearly going nuts with bone on bone athritis and in need of an urgent total shoulder replacement. He did the surgery at the very first opportunity and I must say it was a wonderdful and complete success - to wake up without that pain, (despite the fibro pain still present) was just incredible. I now need similar surgery on my right side and I can only hope it happens before it gets to the same point as the left one did.

Like you I am about to join a chronic pain course and really hope they can come up with some coping mechanisms that one can put into place for our everyday needs.

Sending you good wishes and gentle hugs, muchly dottii x


Hi dotti thankyou for your comments yes I know by now that the pain was completely different from fm. I also think you might enjoy cognitive therapy as long as you realise it's not a cure some of the people thought it might of been.. I must admit I am going with an open mind.


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