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esa (god i hate that word)

heres the thing,if my contributionary esa ends 1st sept(even though i haven't had anything yet stating that) and it says on the dwp website you will hear 8 to 6 weeks by letter about it being stopped,because my partner works and we have a bit of savings,then in effect i won't be able to get income based esa, so i won't be in the "wrag" group so in effect i won't have to technically go to any of the stupid work focused meetings? my partner says i should just to show them i can't do anything without his help (oh to win the b***y lottery! maybe i should have a go at the health lottery!!

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oh god its so maddening i am about to go through this as i am being made redundant on health grounds!!!!1 you will be able to get benefits they say........ i say i am in trouble. then my son tells me that his friends wife has got high rate diability aftre she hurt her knee. yes she did and i am happy that she has help but what is it with fibro that makes it hard ontop of our suffering. maybe we should all go on the health lottery and share the winings. what i am trying to say is that i understand and want to show you that you are not alone hope you get sorted soon.


This is making so many sicker with the worry. I hope that all their bad publicity causes them to be honest so you will gwt thw support needed xx


in the same boat had mine stopped in may no money since then, im appealing esa for support group been once to court adjourned for more evidence new date 8th sept. just applied for dla see what happens there? the only good thing is dwp got a doc to see me and he wrote good things about me understood me so see what happens , its going to be hard but we have to fight this xxx


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