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ESA.....I need help to write to my MP

Hi I have just found that I have been in the work related support group and that my ESA that I have been trasfered to from IB in April, will stop 27th July 2013. Even though they know I am not fit for work and no employer in their right mind would employ me.

I went to my work related interview and the lady told me I would loose my benifit in a year, I cried, she also they are changing DLA to PIP and even though I have been awarded it indefinately, they can still take it away from me, after a fight of 2 years to get it......

.If they take my DLA I might as well just take all of my medication and be done with it

........I didn't relise that I had been put into this work related support group till I saw the disability advisor at my local job center, so now I am late in appealing.

Also I phone my local welfare oficer and he said I could still appeal, however, I may loose my award altogether, and that would be a risk I have to think about, because I am going to the States to visit family in September for a month, and they would view that if I can fly and travel that far and stay for a month then I could find employment, even though I have a care plan put in place for myself both flying and while staying with my family.

What I need help with is, I plan to write to my MP and hope to see him at one of his surgeries, even if I don't benifit from it, I don't want anyone to go through this, as it is not fair and is so crule, as it is not bad enough haven't to come to term with Fibro, and what it takes away from you, the goverment have to kick us even more, and when we can be very vulnerable at times.

So what I would like from you is How should I start my letter, what should I put in and what should I keep out,

Thank You


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hi ... from a personal view i would write from the heart and say what and how you feel however you could try CA if you want any official help

Good luck gentle dyslexic hugs


Thank you Lexie, and dyslexic hugs back, having dyslexia I am sure is made worse with fibro fog


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