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I have just heard on the news that the moors murderer has given details to a long term visitor of where the body is buried of the little boy keith whos mum i have seen many times pleading to know so she can lay her son to rest proper;y and let it all be amn end to this awful sorry tale i do hope that this is true and that she gets what she wants bless her so she can at least spend the rest of her days with a settled mind and enjoy the rest of her days knowing she has somewhere she can go to lay flowers for her son

i really hope that it is all true and it comes to an end

love to you all diddle xxx

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I hoped we had heard the last of the moors murders what a ghastly episode I agree Diddle it is time the poor woman was able to put her sun to rest properly "God Bless" May this be the end of it! xxxgins


Hi Diddle, I so Hope Its true aswell, I feel for her every time she is interviewed :( I just so hope hes not playing one of his sick games and that she can finally lay her son to rest, something that she should never have had to do in the first place, she has gone through hell because of these evil people. I hope never to hear of him again after keith is found.

Hope you are well today hun :)




Update on the news that Ian Brady had revealed where he had buried Keith Bennett all those years ago - apparently it is rumoured that this may not be the case - for newspaper article please click on the link below -


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