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Hi andi hope that you are all ok and not having trouble sleeping in all this warm heat i am not sleeping at all but wahts new there lol

anyway today i am having my hair cut at the hairdressers at 10 so looking forward to that as she listens to what i want and does it so you come out feeling good and with what you asked for !!!!

then i am popping to the shops as my hairdresser is in town and then i am coming home and prob sitting on my ed with my kindle and prob my little doggy will join me bless

i need to rest today as tommorroew my daughter has got to go to her friends wedding so i have got my grandsons for 3 hours then she is coming home and having a chill out then taking the boys to the evening do so thats nice

i am hoping that it will be hot so we can get the paddling pool out and have lots of fun in the garden

i hope you are all well love diddle xxxxxx

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