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Two things that I couldn't live without but one that I have too!!

Its so annoying when you sit and think about what changes we have all had to make in our lives.some that others would see as small, but hugh to us personally, firstly though I couldn't live without my body pillow for my bed, it takes of some of the pressure of my body especially when it feels like a dead weight. Thankfully I don't have to do without this.

So to my biggest lose (only in the way of my personal confidence building way) my high heels, how I long to be able to put some on and walk down the street once more, I have never been botherd by make-up, fashion etc, but my heels made me feel 10ft tall, very important as i'm only 5ft 1inch. but at least I can smile about times gone by lol.

Listen to me i sound morbid on a more cheerful not, my coffee morning kit came this morning to raise money for macmillian nurses. so i am glad to have something positive going on, even better 6wks to prepare not till 28th sept.

ermmmmmmmmmm perhaps this is something we could think off doing to raise funs just a thought. anyway thats it time to stop woffling hope you all have a peaceful night smiles and hugs xx

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I could have a "thinking hopefully about putting the kettle on" morning !!

good for you, hope you have a good time raising funds.

respect, sandra


Good for you I am doing this as well my mother has been living for 11 years with cancer my motherinlaw who was super fit for her age was struck with it And the MACMILLAN nurses were great. I was going to do it in the house,but I was so impressed. With the pack I am now doing it in the church hall with the help Of my sisters.

I am a good organiser and I really hate not being involved in things with my family.

My good friend mother is dying and I have baked all day and now I feel so wiped out but I have to keep pushing myself I am NO T going to lay down to this awful illness we are all suffering from .


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