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Back at work .... been missing in action for a while

Back at work .... been missing in action for a while

Hi all - I've started my phased return to work, and started very gradually on 3 half days for 2 weeks. (I am in a full time job) I've taken a week and a day annual leave so far and am now up to 4 half days (second week). I even managed to get a driver/assistant this week - which was a good job as I have had to travel almost 300 miles this week! Even though I had a the help of a driver and could rest in the car - I have found it really tiring. I took a break yesterday - and am looking forward to the weekend with just 4 hours to work tomorrow and in my local office.

finally my physio referral has come into fruition and I have had 2 appointments. I think I have to conclude that I am pushing myself too hard too soon and have to have a word with myself to ease off the accelerator and take some time to rest more. I am waiting for the hydrotherapy sessions to start to build on my stretching and gentle exercises. I was never sure how I would cope with being back at work. It is stimulating and great to feel part of a work place again. However, it is very tiring and I don't want to boom and bust! I am going to keep my working hours at 4 half days next week with a weeks leave after that. Perhaps I will rebalance myself and be in a better place to start back at work and pace myself better too!

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Hi Suzy glad to hear you are making a start to get back into the workplace and I hope it all goes well for you. What I would say though is make sure you go at your own pace and don't be pushed into going back full time until you are ready to cope with it. I have given up work now but prior to retiring I tried on three seperate ocassions to return to work, part time was just about managable but it wasn't until I tried to go back full time I realised I would not be able to do it and had to make the decision to take early retirement on ill health grounds. Let us know how you get on, take care, love Angela x


Hi. Can I just ask - did u apply for retirement or was it offered?? Is it full (permanent) or for a time period of 3 years??

I am off work at minute really struggling. Failed phase back and worried about future - want to know about retirement


Thank you Angela - your experience is the one that I am most worried about - but I am hoping that my role will enable me to manage the work - but I think that might be more about me keeping in control emotionally and mentally - which is never a given! I'll keep blogging when I can :-)

Suzy xx


Ang I was exactly the same, tried to return to work, would manage a little then BANG another stroke :-(

Eventually they made me redundant (I was a school teacher in a non-National Curriculum subject) and the school supported my application for early retirement on the grounds of incapacity so I was retired off at 49!

Suzy take your return very steadily and don't burn yourself out!

Julie xx


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