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Well i have had a really lovely day with my nieces agd 11 and 13 and my grandsons i ook them to my daughters we were there from 10.30 to 3 pm it was lovely the boys ran the girls ragged and my daughter and i re arranged the boys bedroom as she is having bunk beds delivered on tues so we had to do it today 3 hours later and yep you ave guessed it lots of aches lol we had done it so a day of rest tomorrow i think !!!!!

the weather here at min is wonderful so i justwalked my doggy up the road and had a lovely long soak in the bate and noww going down to eat a yogurt i am going mad tonight lol i had bowl of muesili for tea with yogurt for dessert and washed down with usual blackcurrant juice !!!

oh well i hope that you have a lovely evening so take care nd will be back soon love diddle xxxx

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one thing i love is spending time with my grandchildren. I tok my eldest to karate last night hence having slow day because of pain. But i promised my mother in law that i would take her shopping. I desperately wanted to use the shopping scooter in morrisons. how can i when my mother in law has just had hip op is 75 and looks healthier than me lol. well next time i will cause by the time i finished i just wanted to die. so tonight i am grabbing my kindle and chilling on the bed. hope you have a relaxing night, hope you do not suffer to much in the morning xxxxxxx


Glad you have had a good day Diddle and also happy to hear you back to your normal self. Take care, love Angela xx


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