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Another Seat

Well, after the workman who turned up suddenly a couple of days ago here I get a phone call from the council OT saying the workman has went to see her. Now she's 'found' another bath seat, smaller than the one she tried a few months back before leaving to look for another smaller based seat.

She wants to come up - she is tomorrow at 11am - to see if this smaller seat will fit and if so she has to order it in.

Also I have finally gave in and made a GP's appt. for Monday. Early... really early to see about the constant swelling/pain in my ankles and feet themselves as well as to look at my hands as well. As suggested by the hospital OT a couple of weeks back. I haven't had the time - or energy - to do so before now but after not sleeping a wink Tuesday night due to foot pain I went in (or rather my Mum did while we passed in the car). Mind you yesterday taking my aunt to Tesco's to choose her new TV. Only she took over an hour to choose and my legs and feet are paying the price today. I have lumps of swelling over the top of my feet, my ankles have disappeared with the swelling in the ankles themselves and my arches feel as if they are being forced flat whenever I stand or walk. Yuck!!

Sorry got side tracked with my feet, given how much they are hurting I suppose I can be excused I hope, so fingers crossed this seat fits my bath and they still move the shower or put a fitting to move the current shower over to the middle of the wall away from the sink which stops me sitting under the shower as it currently is.

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wow sounds like abit of a rough few days hugs and smiles xx


I have a bath seat, the first one went back as it was too upright so the OT got me one which reclines slightly which is a lot better. The problem I have is that I can't get fully into the bath as the lift seat is still at least an inch above the bottom of the bath - doesn't sound much but it does make a difference & I don't feel as though I've had a "proper" bath.

At the moment I'm considering an inflatable bath lift as the belt (Bath Knight) type can't be fitted to a partition wall - the only problem is the price of them.

Hope your feet feel better soon!


I hope to find out what is going on with my darn feet and even if it can't be 100% fixed any improvement would be appreciated. My best guess in my RA has moved into my ankle/feet joints now.

With a swivel bather, I believe that is what they called the original seat she tried in vain to fit to my bath, I will still need my Mother to lift my legs in and rotate the seat to get over the side of the bath should it work. Hopefully by smaller seat she was referring to the base that attaches to bath itself, as the other one I tested I just fit into and no more so hopefully the actual plastic seat itself isn't any smaller than the other one was.


Mine doesn't swivel, it has folding extension arms that lie flat once the lift is level with top of bath but like you I need help to get my legs swung round and face forward. Must admit feelings weird being lowered & raised on it.


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