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AS we do I looked on another Fibro site

up shot was I bought a book about CFS and a natural way to treat ME. my daughter has CFS so I thought it would be useful - it is I am still wading through all the vitamin suggestions to promote more energy and keep infections at bay.

I feel rather swamped by all the references to EPA

I do not think I would buy it again just find it in library and read up. x gins

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I have CFS/ME living nightmare #1!

Forgive my ignorance - what is EPA?

Julie xx


Epa is what you get in fish oils amongst other things, not to be confused with cod liver oil or oil from the liver of any fish.

It has anti-inflammatory actions as well as being very good for the brain, you can by epa fish oils from good health shops, but be careful if on meds, check with doctor first/



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