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Why today?

Slight flair took my by surprise today. I've been so well, typical really going on holiday on Saturday!! I can only think it'd down to my increased stress levels over last couple of days, I had a job interview yesterday. I probably didn't realize how much it was affecting me.

Went to GP's today for my B12 injection and made an appointment for a meds review. I've been on pregablin for about 5 years now, I adjust the dose myself when need be, however I've seen so much on here about patches I thought I would speak to my GP. The pregablin has been OK, the only side effect I've had is weight gain, but I'm finding it's starting now to just take the edge of the pain and I'm topping up with co-codomol. So I think it's time to look at things again.

Any how I've chilled most of the day as my leave has started, I will, if the rain ever stops, take the dog out to stretch my legs. Then I guess I need to think about packing for myself and my son.

Hope your all well

Jax xxx :)

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Sometimes we don't even realise that stress is creeping in JaxxL, I thought I was ok last week about our last minute niggles over our house move and then WHAM I got a migraine on Saturday, didn't go until Monday morning. The tightness in my neck too was awful.

You probably don't realise it but you are subconsciously hoping you'll be ok for your holiday, that in itself is stressful. Make sure you get enough rest, don't push yourself too hard, and I am sure you will be fine, Just don't overdo it before Saturday! Take care. :)


have a great holiday Jax. regards, sandra


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