well wat a horrible day iv had been sat in a work programme induction today for 2 hours for the man who was taking it to say i dont know why they,ve sent you here at the end now at the beginning of september iv got to go on 4 days worth of interview techniques and letter writing and cv training it is ridiculous as i cant even get out of bed these days or walk due to the pain i was the only one in the room who could barely move im sooooooooo angry .....

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  • I am not supprised your angry you hve every right to be. Blooming daft for them to send you. Makes me mad and I am just reading it.


  • Oh my god what idiots sending you well at least showed your williness !!!

    Nicki xxx

  • It is just stupid - I have my jobcentre plus interview on 28th August - so let's see what happens!

  • they will most probably send you on a work programme it just ridiculous to say the least i was all ready in agony before i even went out the door never mind to sit for 2 hours while they ask me what sort of job i was looking for hope you get on better then i did julieevh gentle hugs

    trigger x

  • How awful for you. Sitting on those hard chairs and not being able to get comfortable must have been a nightmare!! I have my assessment soon and fear the same will happen to me, like you I have a lot of pain and would find attending a work programme induction thingy extremely difficult - I'll probably take days to recover from it!! I hope that some sense is applied to your claim now and that you receive the benefit you so obviously are entitled to.

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