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No news is bad news, phoned DWP to get results of 'surprise home visit' the smug response was that it is going to tribunal,

It's been 14 weeks now and still no brown envelope, I feel cheated as I have sudden back spasms that put me out of action for a week a month, but very difficult to explain, feel like I should give video evidence at tribunal, has anyone tried this? Don't want to film my agony but more likely to watch this than read all the doctors reports etc, could even supply popcorn lol, what a joke, would love your funny answers and suggestions.... Justine Xxx

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Recruit Eric Idle and Mr Bean for your video, they were priceless in the Olympic opening and closing ceremony, after all DWP should recognise a p**s take when they see one!

Good luck with your claim

Julie xx


Ha, ha, julieevh, that's hilarious, I shall sing life's a piece of s*** while flying through the air as a human cannon ball and wearing my gold medal for persistence..... Thanks really cheered me up xx


hi poppy1, after waiting a year to be moved from the wrag group to the support group, which everone in the world who knows me it didn't happen,i went to the tribunal in my wheelchair, my partner who is older than me took semi retirement 3 yrs ago as my health has really deteriorated, i sent in medical papers that i have collected over the past 13 years and i don't believe they bother with any of thaat,the tribunal stick to the c***p written by the atos report,not going to let this lie though ,my partner and i are writing and seeing our local m.p as a first port of call, then other things, good luck , you'll need it,but i agree you should sing that ! but i think the words need tweeking to " atos is a piece of s**t!!! p.s i wish stevie wonder and david blunkett were on the panel as even they would've seen i am not able to work, my c.v will read: woman who cannot use left arm much, who if her urostomy bag comes off will need wheeling to a disabled toilet and need undressing and changing as she will be covered in urine, can barely mobilise, has great pain and cries a lot ,cannot concentrate for long periods,and also feels suicidal at times, now if you were a employer you would definately snap me up in a heartbeat wouldn't you????!!


Better late than never, only just saw your wonderful reply, just stick with it and there's one thing they can't take away and that's your great sense of humour, lots of hugs justine xx


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