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I have just spent a fascinating half hour reading every ones Blogs! I find that like myself yesterday was a bit grim for many of us. My day was horrid I kept falling asleep so went to bed that didnt work so came down stairs again topped up the pain killers as it was not playing fair - if it ever does. So after much rest I found I had a screeching headache on top of everything else so back to bed.

Up at 3am (like usual) gosh the mornings are already drawing in - headache has gone but my left buttock is sending horrid messages up my body. I try not to think about which bits hurt it is to time consuming.

So Today I am having my hair cut - it always makes you feel better- so lets hope it works!

So dear friends enjoy your day do not work to hard and put too much stress upon your muscles and your bodies!

x gins

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im so glad its not just me ... I thought i was the only one that falls asleep? I can sleep for 8 - 9 hours get up for an hour and fall asleep again do you feel like that?

had fybro for 14 years, long time and I get surprised still after all this time im still learning.


In a sleepy phase I can sleep for 20 hours a day. In an insomniac phase I have to survive on about 4 and feel like a total Zombie (but without the MJ dance). Dunno which is worse really!

Julie xx


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