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Here I Go Again

So the saga of my shower/bath problems still persists.

On August the 1st I had another OT appt. at the hospital and she asked if I had heard back from the council OT about the swivel bather to fit what she (council OT) had called my narrower bath. I said no and she said she'd chase her up and find out what was going on there.

So today out of the blue a council workman turns up at our door asking to see our bath.

He says that they aren't allowed to put in walk in showers in houses/flats which have more than 4 steps. No reason why, just that is what the council tells them.

He measures my bath ... surprise suprise's regular sized not narrow.

He looks at my overhead shower and immediately points out a few things that are wrong and should never have been done.

My shower was placed on the wall above the taps, fine enough but the proximity of the hand basin means that the board that I was given with my shower can't be placed under the shower itself as the basin would interfere with getting in/out, on/off the board. As it is the plank, as I call it, only goes as far as the mid way down the bath and then hits the built in handles on the bath itself, stopping it from going further. Not enough room after the handles to place it due to space/proximity mentioned.

He thought about moving the shower over to the long length of the bath, positioning it about centre of the length of the bath itself. Or placing a bracket there as the shower length, it comes off the bracket at the top which we've had to do as I couldn't 'sit' under it as it stood so to speak from day one, and putting it on this bracket, returning it when not in use.

But he still has no ideas how to 'fix' the main problems. How to get me in/out of the bath itself. I can't lift my legs over, my hips/spinal damage means I can't twist around any more either, and also I would have to use my left arm/hand to swivel in with a swivel bather which was the OT's back up when I was told them couldn't put in a walk in unit. In case your wondering, guess which shoulder is the worst affected by the arthritis in them? Hint, it's the one I need to use the swivel bather.

He's now gone back to 'brain storm' with the council OT to see if they can improvise a way to give me access to my shower.

What annoys me is my aunt/uncle in semi detached not far from me got a new shower no problems despite not using it AT ALL, she just took it because she was offered it. And when we mentioned to a neighbour how the OT says the council don't put walk in showers in upstairs bathroom she was shocked as she was assessed just prior to me and was offered one which she turned down as her son who lives with her need the bath to soak his bad back after working all day.

Only difference?

I'm 41 and live with my elderly parents. She's around my parents age and her grown son lives with her.

Not much difference is there?

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So sorry for all your problems I am getting a wet room fitted in my upstairs bathroom the OT said I needed it and the council came out with the architect and then they got 3 quotes and hopefully it is going to be done in the next few weeks I dont understand why you cant have the same I do hope you get sorted Sue xx


Get on the phone to the Council OT and ask them if this 4 steps business has been misunderstood; quote your friend to them. Hope you get it all sorted out sucessfully.

Julie xx


Apparently you can apply for a Disability Grant to help you towards getting a Walk In Shower, there's some info within this link, not sure if it will be helpful or not -


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