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feed up

sorry want a little rant i put my mobility scooteron ebail as i find it does not go up hill very well some one asked me if i would except a cash price they would pick up this week i said yes then they did not turn up so sent message only for them to tell me they already had one in the mean time i had found a cooker that i wanted asked the lady if she would delivey all sorted waiting in the money for scooter so now cant have cooker why do people have to say one thing then do another i had a really bad fibro day yesterday made worse by stress and i cant see today being any better sorry for rant hugs and love to all

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hi! i am finding the site very good for having rants because you know there are people here who really understand why you are needing a rant!

i am not suprised you are annoyed at the situation, things like that annoy me to death but on top of that and having a bad fibro day I can totally sympathise with you. I think a bad fibro day makes everything else bad. I couldnt open a packet of crisps yesterday as my hands were so bad so i cried! actually sobbed over a packet of crisps!

hope your day improves for you today



thanks for that i cried at not being able to have my cooker xxx


Hi Jancrosstitch, I have that happen to me before, but do what I do seriously and inform ebay it puts a black mark next to there name but does give some satisfaction. Have you tried asking the owner of the cooker if they would let you pay a small no refundable deposit to hold it for a couple of weeks till your scooter sell, what the worst that could happen they say no, worth a try though hugs xx


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