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Annoying visitors ..............about this time of year , every year

Sitting at my laptop in the kitchen - I have one really persistent annoying little flying ugh horrid fly. It will keep sitting on the screen or my hand - leg- knee - which ever it fancies will it bite probably most flying things seem to bite me. In a room full of people I will be the one the little Bxxxxxxxds come and flit around.

Easy you say insectercide sorry cannot abide the smell makes me cough. So zap it have tried keep missing I have an electric blue light they are supposed to fly too but it would rather bug me. While I am ranting about flies why is it they live poo blots all over things I find that so distasteful there are certain places they deem to sit and leave there trade mark splatter uggh! :( glum

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Good morning Gins,

I know exactly what you mean at the moment there is a wood pigeon nesting near by and only wish i could throw something up the tree.

take care

Bonnie Lass


You think that's bad, I'm a clean tidy perso,but I have maggots in my welli bin spent most early morning killing little .....s away yukkkkkkk, bin men will be here soon!!!!!!! Hot weather, two week collection, good job in not puky this morning, enjoy your breakfast !!!!

Nicki x


Flies:- They hate tee tree oil (so do ants and spiders) so if you wipe around windowframes, doorways etc and surfaces you don't want then to land on (including your laptop and yourself even) they should leave you alone.

When I've on holiday I have always sprinkled myself with the stuff - keeps everything away, even other people :)


I shall get some tee tree oil today thanks for tip.! A sprinkler as well hhee need a mission. Cheers xgins


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