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I was in my garden yesterday and it was so hot it really was my daughter had to keep going indoors to cool down and my little doggy was trying to keep in the shade

i looked at my thermometer that i have and it was reading 35 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the hottest i think it has ever been

i had a lovely bath about 7 pm and got my p j s on then came down but it was still such a lovely evening it was too nice to be indoors so i went back up anfd got dressed and took my doggy out for hlf an hour and i could not believe the amount of people out and about itwas lovely

oh well i am paying for my day of painting/shopping and walking the dog but that is all my fault so all of you who said i told you spo were right

love to you diddle xxxxx

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im pleased its cooled down a bit arnt u diddle its a much better temp today.soft hugs Tofty xx


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