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i must admit ive had a good week of minor pain that ive delt with and ignored but here it comes again!! was awake for most of the night with my achilles feeling like there going to burst from the back of my ankles my arms have had imaginary giants squeezing them !! and the back of my head feels like its got a nail wedged in it oh not to mention my knees ! and im feeling exhausted again! i hope this isnt the start of another episode its been so good to get out .......moan over ! hope your all good love and hugs :) xxx

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Good morning fairytails,

Thats the trouble with fibro, you can have a reasonably good few days and them from out of nowhere bam! you know all about it.

Today i am feeling drained, freezing cold pain all over and just can't explain how ill i am feeling, pains in my chest (ithink it's my angina as you mustn't allow yourself to get cold) lower backache, went to urology at hospital for a cystoscopy and they told me i have an overactive bladder, and as im sure most of us on this site know only too well the list goes on and on.

I am so sorry for moaning so much and i am feeling sorry for myself just now.

I want to go back to bed, but i have to push myself and clean up my house as i am trying to sell it and i have to keep it clean and tidy as i am sure people won't beleive me if i told them i can't do housework due to being ill as they only have to look at me and there isn't any signs of how i feel.

Once again i apologise for ranting and going on as i know all my fellow fibro friends on this site are also feeling just as unwell or worse,

Gentle Hugs to all

Bonnie Lass


Wish I could think of something inspiring!!!

Rant away - you are amongst friends xx


thanks girlies! had a couch day did nothing but dose hope you all have good nights sleeps xx


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