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It's 3am, is it worth going to bed?

I went up to bed at 3am yesterday. I was tossing & turning, however I lay something hurt!

Still awake at 5 so got up. Washed up & tidied kitchen then put TV on. I actually dozed off on sofa at about 6.15 then woke up again when hubby got up at 7. Agggghhh!

Have been re-decorating downstairs loo with my daughter. Have done it red white & blue. I bought some blank canvases & painted pictures of beach huts on them. Also painted dark wood cupboard doors white & painted lighthouses on them . A wooden seagull & yacht complete the scene. Looks so much better. My daughter was struggling trying to get old loo seat off at midnight, then went to bed. I carried on painting mirrors etc. & the time has flown again!

Suppose I'd better go to bed & try to sleep as we have family coming over for the day & I have to leave before 10am to pick them up!

Good night all you night owls!

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I feel so much sympathy for you! I also am up most of the night and it is so exhausting. I think you are right, may just as well get up and do something!

I have found now that no matter how I try I cannot go past 9pm before falling asleep, and at least I get some sleep then, but it is only for about 2/3 hours, then I try to stay asleep, if you know what I mean, but am up by 1pm.

I do not know the answer, but I truly feel for you, you are definitely not alone!

I like the sound of your downstairs loo, very cheerful!

take care and I hope tonight you get some sleep, Cazx


I to find it hard to sleep at night well any time really I have been like this now for about three months now . I have tryed everything I can think of so if any body can come up with some ideas that would be great to try them . And hopfully will help others to sleep .


I've found it hard to sleep for last two nights (hope this isn't the start of an insomniac phase) - it worries me that I can't sleep without painkillers, so I did last night without them - to be honest it wasn't too bad but I didn't feel as if I did more than catnap all night, still some sleep is better than no sleep!

Plan to relax today with my girls and dogs and see bf this evening.

Julie xx


It's 2:45AM, and I was just wondering if it was worth going to bed when I saw this post!! Uncanny - I am contemplating going down and making a cuppa rosie and going to bed and to read a while till I (hopefully) get a few hours before daylight.

Amazing what you can find when you can't sleep eh :-) I once told someone that I didn't sleep well and he said, 'Well, if you can't sleep well, stay awake well, do something positive or something nice for yourself, even if it's just listening to your fave music, or reading a good book'

I guess I cab say that by being on here I am 'Staying awake well' but having seen this blog, I have decided to give that old sleep thing a try.


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