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Gp here I come ....... Again!! had an awful time trying to sleep last nite and now im up and bone tired. Heading to Beldoc our local out of hours medical practice to collect a script. This ones for a new fibro related sympotom. Been having difficulty with my throat area. Feels like theres a lump/swelling in the area where ur adams apple wud b - if u were male lol. Its been there a week or two and as usual I havent had time to make an app. Since I got up this morning I feel like the lump is pressing down on my windpipe and restricting my breathing every so often im actually gasping out a breath - bit weird and scary! Out of hours doc thinks its sumthing to do wiv acid reflux as upper part of windpipe feels like its on fire so im off to collect a script wiv a warning to go to hospital if breathing probs continue. Saturday nite in

A&E think il giv that one a miss lolx hope ur all feelin well x Dixie

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you take care dixie and liste to good advice anything that effects your breathing needs attention x blooming fibro eh you take good care of your self and let me know how you get on and are feeling xx teresa xx


Sorry to hear about your throat Dixie. As if you don't have enough to put up with already hey. I hope you manage to get it all sorted out soon and that you feel better really quickly too. Sending you a hug. :)

(If you are in the slightest bit worried about your breathing etc., call an ambulance, you will need to be seen immediately.)

Take care Dixie and I hope you feel better really soon. :)


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