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morning my good fibro buddies,

how you all doing and feeling today hope you are not over doing things and listen to your bodies hahah not blooming likely i reckon when do we ever ? i reckon we set our selfs up for daily challenges we must complete :/, i went for lunch with my sister and daughter(middle one) i even had a few tipples (naughty), we then decided to do a bit of shopping haert and head was dreading as this meant walking further then planned with no walking stick as i only really use with my hubby when walking the pooch as he insists it is there to aid me but i find incredible difficult to accept and difficult to use as it makes my hands and arms ache so its not aiding me in the way should i reckon, Anyhow i started our walk by time i had done 5/10mins i had had enough but percivered as you do....NOT!! I mangaged another wait for it ....couple of hours my eyes was fighting to shut my feet was aching to stop my arms just wanted to hold on i finally said thats it i need to go home i'm shattered so i dragged my feet to the bus station i was dreading the bus journey home thinking the bus would be hot and packed (as it was teatime)and it would take ages to get home what with rush hour traffic, luckily it wasn't any of the above it sailed home i sat thinking to my self i don't thinkm i able to get out of this seat as i had seized up so bad , i managed it home and dropped and i didn''t move amuscle all night not even to eat and yes guess what ? i had a terrible night read till 2-30am bobbed of for 30mins and was awake till 7-30an then drifted in and out til 8-30am decided i had had enough as i can't lay on left side (my prefered side) because of this excrutiating pain in my shoulder and my hip pain so it won i got up , this new pain i have had for nearly 3weeks now is getting me down now something just does dont feel right i have a deadline in which i am goin to cope if no relief by then i am going to a and e to try and get it xrayed which im dreading as last time i went there it wasn't a nice experience, they told me its not really for us to deal you need to see your specialist grrrrrr , moa rant what ever it is over , god this site is such a blessing you can say how you feel or how your days weeeks are going and people just read and hear you such a relief to me xx cos as much as i have a good family support they don't really understand me xxx much love to you all xx enjoy your day and don't do to much xx

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Hi you certainly have put it in a nut shell. Your comments could be mine. I do admire you for going for it. My daughter takes me shopping and yes I do suffer but what are we to do sit it out for the upper room. I can sympathise your pain in shoulders and back but after a while we just wait for it to move perhaps in my neck, ears, elbows and oh yes teeth. Its no wonder non-fibros think we are mad.

Anyway great comments and good on you. Take care hope today is not bad

By for now Love A x


thanks annabell you are soo right i give enough of my time to fibro and my husband normally takes me shopping but because i was with my daughter and sister i gave hime the day off haha, i didnt plan on the lunch date turning into such along day i try to be as positive as possible as do we all and you are also right we treat one pain for another to arrive in another tender place , take care xx


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