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Retirement application refused.....what!

Letter dropped through the door yesterday, apparently i do not have enough medical evidence...and surprise, surprise who writes the criteria requirements...wait for it ATOS!!! Is it my fault they expect i should of had an mri scan? No, is it my fault that i have side effects ftom aniti depressants no, is it my fault that the gps have not referred me to pain management clinics or chronic fatigue clinics...once again no! Doesnt it give us all hope when the occupational health doctor states that there is a CHANCE of recovery, wouldnt i need to be the bionic woman with a miracle break through in research to find a cure for us all. I intend to fight this all the way, with all the support i can get, update on my sinus and chest infection 5th week and counting! Waiting for chest xray results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank u. Shazzad xxx

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Good luck Shazzad, keep fighting, it's all we can do. can you appeal this decision?

Reading about your chest/sinus infection, sounds oh so familiar. Mine is 8 weeks old today, can't believe it has lasted so long. I've had four lots of antibiotics so far, amongs other things, and happy to report the latest ones (Doxycycline) seem to be doing something. The infection still hasn't gone, but have another week of the course to go, and am mildly optimistic. At least I no longer have to sleep sitting propped up, and have stopped coughing long enough to get some sleep at last. Only downside is that these antibiotics make me sick, and have given me thrush - oh well, always something isn't there?


Interesting, I have had this since early in the year. Had some medication from the Doc and an X ray but went to Australia before the results came back. Now while in Aus my aches and pains were cosiderably better, warmth my Doc says!!. Anyway, the cough got so bad that I went to the GP I am registered with there. He said I was near to pneumonia but I have had the jab?? I had the first scrip and a repeat which eased the cough but it was still about. Back home here it got bad again. Made an appointment for Doc but mine was away and I saw a locum. He told me to take two Omeprazal an hour before going to bed. I thought, this guy is off the wall, Omeprazal is for indigestion and acid stomach. I went along with it and bingo, first night, barely a cough. Went back a week later as requested and told locum that I thought he was mad but it worked. He explained that excess stomach acid comes up your throat, which it shouldn't, due to a weakness in the valve that is supposed to stop it. This then tickles the back of the throat and starts the cough. That's why sleeping with a board up my back to keep me more upright helped. Apparently, the acid gets up the throat and past the valve easier when lying down.

Best bit is, since taking two Omeprazal in the evening has all but stopped the cough after several months of having it!!

I am now down for tests to see if there is anything they can do for the valve. Meanwhile, I have had a poo test to see why I am producing excess stomach acid. No results yet.

LOL, at least two weeks for a result, In Australia it's usually later same day!!!


I had my first request for early retirement turned down .... it is pretty normal my union warned me (I was a school teacher) I kept all my best evidence in reserve. I sent off photocopies of every medical appointment letter I had got. I got my Head Teacher to write a letter of support. I asked my GP for a letter of support. I warned my consultants that I was appealing and asked them to support my application.

The appeal sailed through no problem. Don't be disheartened - just make it impossible for them to turn you down :-)

Julie xx


I will, thank you, i will keep you all updated xxx


Could the appeals would be more useful if we all together let them know about unfair decisions, on many subjects, if we leaded by Fibro Action.


It is interesting Julie that you were turned down for early retirement as a school teacher. Wonder what shazzad does? My old boss, head of a children's centre, had a degenerative bone disease which affected her neck. very like Spondulosis. She had a major op on her neck and managed to come back to work for a while. Needed special chair and keyboard at computer etc. But suddenly all went wrong again. Within months could hardly walk and was forced to go on indefinate sick leave and then applied for early retirement from school. (Her only career, highly qualified etc and in her late 40's) However, despite her obvious inabillity to hardly walk let alone manage to come into work and work that involved small children and a lot of planning work etc. Occupational Health "thought things might improve and some form of work was realistic for the future"??? Hello! She did eventually get her early retirement on the grounds of ill health and disability, but again, not without a fight! Everything is a fight!!! So don't despair shazzad or any of you others.

Do you know, I keep reading about all these benefit scroungers. How do they manage to get it in the first place? What do they offer up as their inability to work that gets them these benefits where others in genuine need aparently have to jump thro' hoops and go to appeal after appeal. Perhaps there really aren't that many and the very few have now made it so hard for everyone that follows. A nasty rumour ? To just make all those involved in assessing disability and genuine need as horrid and as suspicious as possible? ! XX


I was a college lecturer part time and was dismissed in February 12 through the capabilities procedures xxx


Not sure if you have heard of the Pensions Advisory Agency in London but they were a great help when I was going through problems getting my pension released on the grounds of ill health and they eventually got it through for me. I dont know your circumstances but if you contact them and explain them they will advise if they think they can help. Good luck and take care, Angela x


Thank u Angela i will do xx


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