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Well i am so proud of both my daughters i split with both their dads when 1 was age 2 and the other aged 5 and i brought them both up alone from those ages until the eldest left home at 20 and the youngest now 19 and is still at home .

i have never had any trouble from them they have never given cause to to be concerned about what they may be up to i can now breathe a sigh of relief that i have done it and got through the horrible years where they could get in with the wrong crowd which happens to the best od kids i have never had police at the door or anything like that they have always had fantastic school reports so i am a very proud mum

my eldes went to college /worked until she had my grandson and the same with the youngestshe too went to college and was unemployed for 6 months but got a job jan this year and they will take her on in jan as she is the apprentice for the 1st year and she isdoing so well ther

Both my daughters are very kind and considerate and always think of others before themselves which is a lovely trait tio have and i am very proud of both of them they look after me and would do anything for me and they are a real credit to me so if your having a hard time at the min with teenagers as it is hard with had a few rucks along the way as you do as they try to find their feet in this big world but hang in there it will all come round in the end

and like i say it is true you get back what you put in

love diddle xxxxxxx

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You can tell from your blogs that you have a lovely family and you are obviously a great Mum and Daughter x


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