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I just wanted t say a huge thankyou to all my fibro friends i wrote a blog earlier this morning and i was a bit fed up with my mate mr fibro as we all get from time to time i think it came across in my blog and i sounded really fed up and down and i am sorry if i worried any of you but i am fine it just gets to you sometimes and you come on here and startto type away and it all pours out which is a good thing better out than in so i am sorry if i worried any of you i do always try to keep on the up but it does catch you out at times lol

well i hope you are all having a lovely day i went to see my grandsons and daughter for a few hours then came home and have been sitting on the bed all afternoon wil walk and feed my doggy in a bit and thats it for today

i am also still waiting for my new phone to be delivered arghh i bet it wont come now it will be fri now i reckon as getting bit late in the day

love to you all diddle xxx

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Im glad your okay cheer me up with your,blogs xx


Hi diddle,,xxxxxxx,im so pleased u alright ,takecare,x


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