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Shaky legs

Hello all

I've not been diagnosed yet but I get really shaky legs from time to time and was wondering if this is a common thing for fibro? It also feels similar to when you've been to the gym for the first time in ages and do leg exercises and afterwards feel like your legs are ready to give way when you're walking down the stairs. Does anyone else get this? Thanks xxx

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I frequently get this. Queuing is the worst! If I stand still for any length of time, my legs start to quiver. If I can move around a bit it eases it. Somedays are worse than others though. On bad days I just walk out of shops without buying anything because I know I won't be able to stand in the queue! At least it keeps the budget in check - lol! x


sue , hi i often have this problem, i cant stand in one lace , only for a few minnts, i have often been standing and gone to turn and end up on the floor, it makes me loose my balance , i use a walking stick and that has saved me many a time sue xxx


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